Man with dozens of children laid to rest in Phoenix

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A South Phoenix man with dozens of children was laid to rest on Saturday.

The funeral for Samuel Delbert Whitney was held at the Bridge Church in Phoenix.

Whitney died last month at the age of 87 after fathering an estimated 54 children. Since then, three of his daughters have been trying to locate of his children for a celebration of his life.

The daughters have had a difficult time getting in contact with all of their siblings, and said that until recently they didn’t even know the exact number of kids that their father had.

3TV aired a story about Whitney on Friday night, and since then more of his children have come forward.

Some have even flown over from Los Angeles to pay their respects and meet the family they never knew they had.

“The ones who didn’t know he passed, sooner or later, by word of mouth, they’re going to find out, so I’m hoping that all of them can get together and we can all have one happy reunion,” said Whitney’s granddaughter Teresa Winfield.

Whitney was still fathering children into his 70s. His oldest child is 69, while his youngest is 13.

They say their father was a loving man who worked hard and instilled that work ethic in his many children.