Acupuncture patient makes 911 call after being left pinned and stuck in clinic

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- When you come to an acupuncture clinic, you expect to get stuck. You just don't expect to get stuck inside.

It was an unusual 911 call in Arlington.

“Yes, I'm locked in someone's business establishment,” a woman reported. “I don’t hear anybody. The music went off. The door is locked and his car is gone.”

The call came at about 6 p.m. on Aug. 5th from the Hwa Tow Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Clinic.
Operator: "Are you a patient?"
Caller: "Yes. I was in the middle of a treatment. All of the sudden, I saw him running out for someone to come. I ended up pulling the needles out."

The disoriented patient woke up on a treatment table.
Caller: "I had to pull the needles out of me in order to, you know, find out what's going on. I'm yelling for help for about five minutes or so."

Even the 911 operator seemed stunned. “Oh, my goodness,” she responded.

Dr. Jeff Tsing and his wife are the only two employees.

Off camera, Tsing said he was ashamed, and still baffled by how he forgot his own patient.          

Acupuncturists are licensed and regulated by the Texas Medical Board. According to board documents, Jeff Tsing was licensed in 1994. Records show no history of disciplinary actions against him.

"He's helped me,” said patient Larry Lyles. “He's helped a number of people I know. He's very well thought of."

Lyles credits Dr. Tsing for easing his leg and back pain. He said Tsing discussed the incident with him, and that it didn’t change his high opinion.

"You get people sticking needles in you, you better trust him," Lyles said.

The caller stayed on the line about 10 minutes. Police arrived as a worker at a separate office in the building let her out.

She declined to speak with us. The embarrassed acupuncturist did, too.

Point taken.