Mother of Georgia Tech student discusses her son's speech

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- He’s a sophomore at Georgia Tech, and now he’s a national sensation. And did you know Nick Selby is from Arizona?

Selby graduated from Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee in 2012, and now the entire nation knows who he is.

Recently, Selby inspired a freshman class with a speech that has gone viral. 3TV sat down with his mother, Laurie, who’s extremely proud.
“I’m totally astounded, amazed that this has gone so viral! I’m speechless about that,” said Laurie.
Laurie is surprised by the national attention, but not the speech. She says her son rehearsed it in front of the family when he was home not too long ago.
"It was like a hurricane came in our living room. The dogs ran, the cats flew and off we went,” Laurie added.
Nick is majoring in mechanical engineering, so this isn’t something you’d expect from a math and science kind of guy. However, Laurie says it’s all thanks to his speech and debate coach at Desert Vista High.
“That’s when he really came out of his shell,” said Laurie.
So how is Nick feeling about his viral speech?
“He's having a blast! He's getting calls from all kinds of talk shows and national news, local news I think he's having a great time with the 15 minutes of fame,” said Laurie.
Nick is attending Georgia Tech on a Presidential Scholarship. His speech on YouTube has been up since Monday and it already has 1.5 million hits.