Fire that killed pets leaves woman in need

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

NEW RIVER,Ariz. -- Bonnie Mora says her animals are her family, and today that family is much smaller. 

Wednesday night, while Mora and her husband were away at dinner, a fire swept through their New River home killing eight of Mora's cats and nine of her dogs.

"Everything from my little chihuahua to my huge Doberman." Mora said while brushing away tears.

To make matters even worse, she was taking care of eight other dogs for Soul Survivors, a Cave Creek animal rescue. All of those dogs suffocated in the thick toxic smoke.

All the animals that died were inside the New River mobile home that Mora rents.  Many of the dogs and cats were in cages or plastic kennels and never had a chance to escape.

Firefighters from Daisy Mountain and Phoenix tried to revive some of the dogs and cats by using the medical instruments inside what's called a Fido Bag. 

Oxygen masks and air pumps are specially designed to fit over an animals face and force air into their lungs but none of the 17 dogs and eight cats caught in the smoke were able to be revived.

Mora still has six horses, two donkeys and a goat to care for along with an elderly dog that was spared the flames. 

She says she's in desperate need of feed and supplies to care for her animals as she now looks for another place to live.  An account has been set up through Well's Fargo under Bonnie Mora Donations.

One adult dog, her four puppies and seven other puppies and very young dogs were in a pen outside the home and also survived. 

Those dogs will be available to adopt through Soul Survivors Animal Rescue starting this Saturday.