Mesa bridal shop closes

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- As if brides didn't have enough to worry about, imagine the shop that sold you your dress shutting down before your dress was delivered!

After 13 years in business, the Arizona Bridal Warehouse in Mesa, also known as Arizona Bridal and Formal, is locked out. 

Thousands of dollars behind on the rent, the property management company, Colliers International, stepped in.  Monday, they took over the space, changed the locks and started calling brides to coordinate a pick up time.

“I got a call yesterday that between today and tomorrow we need to schedule an appointment to pick up your dress,” said Cezanne Manor.  “It was from the property manager so I asked what's going on did they go under and she said I can't say anything about that right now.”

Manor admits she was worried her dress wouldn’t be there or that it would be the wrong dress but Thursday morning she was relieved to learn her dress was in.

“My dress!” said Manor. “Everything's there and it looks fine so I’m happy. They're really helpful in there, it is the property manager, and they were really nice and made sure we got everything.”

But not everyone got so lucky.

“I’m pretty upset right now,” said Kaitelynn Jurewicz. “I’m getting married in January and now have no dress and I already paid for one.”

Jurewicz says it was the perfect dress, her dream dress, and it came from Arizona’s Bridal and Formal.

“I really loved it!  It was everything I wanted. It was lace all over, big flowing train, lots of flowing skirts and it was beautiful,” said Jurewicz. “It made my mom cry when she saw me in it so I knew it was the one.”

Sadly, there was a mistake with the order and Kaitelynn came to the store Thursday to talk to the owner but instead was met by property management.

“I guess I need to find a new dress.”

3TV was not allowed in the store. John Dahlin with Colliers International met us at the door and declined to comment.

We spoke with the store owner, Jim Butler, over the phone.  He admits to being several thousand dollars behind on the rent but wants brides to rest assured.

"Our main concern is making sure the brides are taken care of and get their dresses," he said.

Jim's wife designs the dresses and he says almost all of the orders are in stock. He says Kaitelynn is one of two brides with a special order and he says arrangements have been made to refund her the $1,300 she’s already paid.

"Obviously we are very frustrated by this whole process because our brides need to get their dresses and we have no access to get back in the store,” said Butler. "I know there have been situations in the past where brides have been left hanging and we definitely don't want that to happen with any of our brides and we won't let that happen. And we will make sure they get their dress one way or another."

Jim encourages brides with questions to email him at

The property management company contact Pamela Zachgo of Colliers International can be reached at (480) 303-8608