Allegiant Air passengers stranded on tarmac for hours

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- Passengers on board an Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix are recounting what some are calling a travel nightmare. They endured a long wait on the tarmac with no water, no air conditioning and no bathrooms.

It was supposed to be just a quick, hour-long flight. But Sunday night, storm delays caused passengers on Allegiant Flight 155 to sit on the tarmac in Vegas for three and a half hours.

"One of the passengers had to go so bad that she urinated in a Pringles can, because we were afraid to get up," says passenger Michelle Carlson, describing the lengthy delay. "I really thought at some point someone was going to have a panic attack or get sick from the heat."

Another passenger says she thinks the flight crew could have handled the delay much better. "Everybody was upset," she says. "You're talking about adults. You're talking about dignity and you're talking about being comfortable, and a lack of communication."

Carlson, who was once a flight attendant, says the federal Passenger Bill of Rights clearly states how passengers are to be treated while being held on the tarmac. "It says carriers must ensure that passengers stuck on the tarmac are provided food and water after two hours, as well as working lavatories," she says.

Allegiant's website makes the same promise to its passengers. 3TV made numerous attempts to contact Allegiant Air but as of Tuesday night, they had not gotten back to us.