New iPhone to have fingerprint recognition

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Apple is expected to release its new iPhone next month. And unlike years past, a lot of details are being leaked out before the launch date.

Ken Colburn is a computer expert who runs a computer repair business called Data Doctors here in Phoenix. He can't believe how many leaks are on the Internet regarding the new iPhone. "Steve Jobs would have never put up with all these leaks," Colburn tells 3 On Your Side.

The leaks reportedly expose some of the latest technology that is supposed to be on the new phone, presumably called the iPhone5S, which is believed to be made in China. "There are a lot of sources in China leaking information," says Colburn. "So we are able to put together a reasonable understanding of what's coming."

One of the most talked about leaks is that the iPhone 5S will be bio-metric. That means it will have fingerprint recognition.

So, if someone tries to access your phone using their fingerprint, they won't be able to. "The idea is you will no longer have to put in a code to unlock your phone. You just basically hold your finger over the home button and it will you let in," Colburn says.

Colburn believes the technology may sound impressive and it's certainly creating a lot of talk. However, he says the thrill of fingerprint recognition will be short-lived. "I think it's a cool 'gee, whiz' kind of thing, but whether it's that big of a deal, I'm not convinced."

He goes on to say, "If all it does is allow you to get in without typing in your password, that's not a jump in technology."

The other leak regarding the new iPhone 5S is that it will have a better camera. Pictures from the current iPhone look great, but photos taken with the new iPhone 5S should look even more crisp, vibrant and colorful.

Colburn says that's because it's supposed to have more megapixels. "The blues (in your shirt), for example, will be more vibrant," he says. "Everything will look clearer."

In addition, the iPhone 5S is expected to be slightly slimmer with more storage. The leaks suggest it could be 128GBs.

September 10 is the date when Apple is supposed to announce the new iPhone.