Who is ASU's toughest defender to stop? We asked the Sun Devil offensive line

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Carl Bradford and Will Sutton get the headlines, but who is harder to stop? By Ezra Shaw Carl Bradford and Will Sutton get the headlines, but who is harder to stop? By Ezra Shaw

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Will or Carl? Carl or Will?

Arizona State's Dynamic Duo of Will Sutton and Carl Bradford has deservedly received the majority of the headlines this offseason, after the pair terrorized opposing offenses in 2012. The tandem's 24.5 combined sacks led the nation, and heading into 2013, they are each aiming to take their games to the next level.

Each player has incredible talent to match their on-field production, but which of them is harder to stop? Or perhaps a better question is: Are they even the toughest players to contain on the Sun Devil defense?

To find out, I went straight to those who know best: ASU's starting offensive line, who face these guys every day. 

While Sutton and Bradford get plenty of love, some of the other members of the Sun Devil front seven get plenty of love from their teammates. 

Who is the toughest player to block in the run game?

LT Evan Finkenberg: "I think it’s Will Sutton right now. He’s gained a lot of muscle over the offseason, and he’s a big dude out there. He’s very physical but also very elusive. He’s a guy that when you are blocking him, you have to put a little extra oomph into it." 

LG Jamil Douglas: "Definitely Will Sutton. He can make plays in the pass game and the run game. He’s a physical guy and he’s gained weight over the summer. He can definitely cause problems in the run game." 

RT Tyler Sulka: "Will is always a challenge on a 3-technique. Then again, I go against Carl and Gannon Conway. They’re both tough and two of the best defensive ends we have in the Pac-12."

C Kody Koebensky: "It would definitely be Will. He’s an animal and deserves every accolade he gets, but across the board, there are no slouches."

RG Vi Teofilo: "Davon Coleman is the hardest to block. I struggle against Will, but it’s Davon."

Who is the toughest player to stop in pass protection?

Finkenberg: "It has to be Carl Bradford. The guy is a sack master out there. He’s got so much speed and is so explosive. If you’re not bringing it every day, he’s a guy that will expose you." 

Douglas: "It’s in between Will and Carl. Carl is a speedster off the edge. If you’re one step off, he’s going to get it. Will, you can’t take anything away from him."

Sulka: "I think Carl is a little bit harder, going against him all the time. I’m always getting back as fast as I can because he is a speed guy."

Koebensky: "It’s gotta be Will, but the difference is really minimal."

Teofilo: "I’ll go with Davon."

Which player has the best single move?

Finkenberg: "All the guys have their different advantages. Both Carl and Will are able to use their speed yet are physical at the same time. That speed rush then using a physical block is very hard to defend when you’re not on balance."

Douglas: "It’s Davon Coleman. One on one, he’s hard to lock down. He can shake you, he can swim you, he spin you. He’s always versatile in what he does and he mixes it up." 

Sulka: "Gannon (Conway). He come off the ball and gets a legal stab into my neck. It’s something that I have to switch up and get my hands out of his chest and get his hands off of me."

Koebensky: "Will has the biggest repertoire, but I think Gannon Conway. He’s really come along. He’s really strong and his bull rush is something to be reckoned with."

Teofilo: "Davon’s spin move."

Who will lead the team in sacks in 2013?

Finkenberg: "I’d put my money on one of those two guys (Bradford or Sutton) for sure."

Douglas: "Carl is my roommate [laughs]. I’m going to have to go with Carl then. I can’t take anything away from Will. I got yo go with my roommate and go with Carl this year."

Sulka: "I think Will will. I think Will at 315 or 310 (pounds) right now is going to be a hard stopper. Someone who has to block him is someone I feel sorry for."

Koebensky: "Those two guys (Sutton and Bradford) are very talented, then there's Jaxon Hood and Gannon Conway…it’s really pick your poison."

Teofilo: "I think it will be up to either CY (Chris Young), Carl or Will, one of those three, But if I had to pick, I’d say CY."

Special thanks to Kerry Crowley of House of Sparky for contributing to this article