Don't be THAT sports parent; tips from D-backs catcher-turned-coach Chad Moeller

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- When it comes to kids and sports, parents can help a young athlete hit a home run or strike out, depending or mom's or dad’s behavior.  Chad Moeller, Diamondbacks catcher-turned-coach, talked about sports parents who go too far. 

On Monday's "Good Morning Arizona,: Moeller recalled a personal childhood memory when his own father was thrown out of a game because of his behavior.  Working with players from the ranks of tee ball up to Major League draftees, he says some parents need to know when they should sit the bench.

From soccer to softball, football to field hockey, moms and dads should check themselves.  Moeller says ask yourself a simple question: "Is this for you or for your child?"

While winning is fun, there is so much more children can learn from playing a sport, including teamwork, dedication and enjoying physical fitness.

According to Moeller, moms and dads should set expectations for themselves, as well as their children. Parents should not try to fulfill their own dreams through their children.  In his experience, Moeller says he has seen children suffer, even quit playing a sport they are good at, all because their parents push them too hard.

Moeller has advice for moms and dads who coach their own children.  He preaches encouragement, not discouragement. 

The sports field should be a place where parents build relationships with their children, not make their kids resent baseball or ballet, or worse yet, their own parents.