Chore board

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas


(1) 1x6x72 Chore Board Front cut into 4, 17 1/2" pieces

(1) 1x2x72 cut 2, 20" pieces. these are the vertical  legs to hold the planks together.

(1) 1x3x72 cut 1 piece to 12" then on a table saw, slice on an angle length wise to create French Cleat for hanging on the wall -Sandpaper -Paint or stain -Sharpie paint pen to write CHORES at top and names

(3) Clear Glass Westinghouse Jars


(3) 4" hose clamps


Cut all wood to desired sizes.

Sand the boards lightly.

Paint or stain boards to desired color or colors -Stack 1x6 boards horizontally one on top of the other, -Attach 1x2's vertically to the back of the 1x6 boards.Pre drill holes to prevent splitting or cracking then attach with screws -Attach one half of the French cleat in between the 1x2's.

Attach hose clamps to the bottom plank with one drywall screw on the middle.

Slide Jars into clamps and tighten clamps.

Attach Clothespins with hot glue or liquid nails to second board to hold the chore lists.

With Sharpie Paint Pen, write CHORES on top board and names over jars.

Attach the other half of the French Cleat into a stud on the wall.

Hang on wall and Enjoy helping the kids learn how to be organized, do chores and earn money, tokens, candy or any reward you choose!