Blistering heat didn't stop tailgating at Cardinals game

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Tailgating at the Cardinals game in Saturday's heat was all about finding shade and knowing how to stay cool.

“I have filter water and a little pump set up to keep us cool about 20 degrees less than what it's going to be,” said Lupe Munoz, who was setting up his tailgating tent wearing a Cowboys jersey.

While many in Arizona might not agree with Munoz's team choice, he certainly had the right idea setting up two home misting fans run by a generator.

“This is a fundamental requirement in my opinion for tailgating in Arizona, especially in Phoenix,” said Munoz.

Those who didn’t have misters had hand sprayers and coolers full of ice drinks and canopies, because at 11  in the morning it was already 107.

“We live in Arizona we can stand the heat, if you can't, get out of the kitchen,” said tailgater Eleanor Gaxiola.

“For the love of the game. The family getting together and having a good time, just like it,” said tailgater Tony Odell.