3OYS Update: Valley Businessman sent to prison

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PHOENIX -- His name is Stanley Torgerson and he's been profiled several times before here on 3 On Your Side.  And this will probably be the final update because Stanley Torgerson is officially in prison.

Torgerson and his saga of admitted rip-offs officially came to an end, in a court of law.

Back in June Torgerson pled guilty to three counts of fraud and one count of theft. All related to a car sales scam. In the scheme, more than four dozen victims say they turned their vehicles over to Torgerson and his auction house to sell for them, but after the auction, Torgerson never gave them any money. 

Prosecutors say he took $1.5 million.

In court, Torgerson's defense attorney tried to keep 3 On Your Side's camera from capturing his sentencing however, the judge ruled 3 On Your Side had every right to be here.

"My view is there is not an appropriate reason to deny the 3 On Your Side's request," Judge Mahoney stated.

Before his sentencing, Torgerson's victims, many who are out of state, spoke to the court by telephone saying Torgerson got a sweetheart plea deal and they were not happy. 

That’s because prosecutors agreed to whittle all of those counts down to four, meaning his sentencing range would only be between 2.5 and 3.25 years and victims say that just wasn't enough.

Bruce Sizemore addressed the court by phone from Birmingham, Alabama.

"Considering Mr. Torgerson stole over $750,000 and only has to pay over $100,000 in restitution really is an insult to us victims," said Sizemore.

After hearing from the victims and supporters of Torgerson, the judge in the case sentenced Torgerson to the maximum sentence 3.25 years in prison.

And with that, the 67-year-old Torgerson was led away in handcuffs.