Dog TV caters to your canines

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- From gourmet dining to luxury linens, for some people, nothing is too good for their dog.

But what about giving your canine his own channel?

That’s right, welcome to Dog TV.

Soothing music, squeaking toys, even thunderstorms, Dog TV exposes your pet to practically everything.

And while the recent launch of Dog TV has made for some good comedic content on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jodi Seitz of Phoenix is giving the channel a chance.

"She was absolutely mesmerized by it. Looking up, staring at it, listening to the dogs, she likes to hear the dogs panting. Even sometimes the birds, if cats are meowing, or anything like that," said Seitz.

Seitz's dog is six and a half month old Macy Bell.

"When she hears other dogs outside or on the television, even if it's a commercial, she will immediately go over and be like, where's that coming from?" Seitz said.

Since Seitz has a full time job, she wanted to give Macy Bell companionship.

"I was really worried that she would really, really like it and then I thought oh now I've got to get another TV for her so she can watch it but I'm not going to go that crazy," said Seitz.

A shelter in California did go crazy and started airing Dog TV.

But Dr. Kathleen Croteau, the lead vet for the Humane Society in Sunny Slope cautions, "It's certainly not a cure for any animals that have a high amount of anxiety or any kind of stress when the owner leaves the home."

Dog TV promotes relaxation, stimulation and exposure, even altering the color of the video to appeal to dogs.

As for the science behind it, Croteau says, "It may be some form of stimulation for them to see changes in shapes and objects more than the colors."

Overall Dr Croteau recommends, “For the most part you want to make sure that they're following and their focused to the TV and that it's not creating anxiety. In other words they're not ducking, they're not hiding, they're not anxiously running back and forth looking for places to hide."

Seitz is taking advantage of the free two week trial period. She’s worried Macy Bell isn’t quite mature enough to enjoy it.

"It might be that she's just too young for it right now being that she's only about six and a half, so it'd be interesting to see if she were 3 years old, if it would be totally different."