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 Danielle Wurth is the Founder of Wurth Organizing. Her passion for helping others with organizational issues stems from early childhood being born and not diagnosed until adulthood with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Although very creative, she struggled as a child with focusing and finishing tasks. Growing up there were few professional resources for people with these traits so she developed her own organizational systems to help her excel in school, business and personal life as a wife and mother of two.Danielle graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Minor in Family Studies. She draws from her educational and personal background to help create organizational systems for their homes that clients can implement into their everyday lives. Danielle’s 4-Step Process, helps clients become efficient and productive with their time, encouraging enriched relationships and a more peaceful and calm lifestyle.



Prescott Rodeo Grounds

Sunday, August 25

Tickets are $25


2013 Fusion SE  MSRP $23,830.00
Sunday's car as tested  $31,460.00

Kelly's At SouthBridge
Address: 7117 E. Sixth Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone:  (480) 393-3205




Run.  Volunteer.  Donate.  Cheer.  But most of all HONOR!
Tempe, AZ - Saturday, September 7th, the Travis Manion Foundation expects more than 50,000 Americans - including 15,000 registered runners - to come out across the nation to run, volunteer, donate, cheer but most of all HONOR the more than 9,000 men and women who gave their lives on 9/11 and since.

At least 500 runners are expected to gather Saturday morning, September 7th, for an 8:00am sharp start time at Tempe Beach Park.  Warm ups and patriotic pre-start ceremonies begin at 7:30am.  This will be the 1st annual 9/11 Heroes Run in the Valley.

To learn more or register for the race online please visit  Also, you can visit your local Planet Fitness to register or just show up for day-of race registration onsite.   ALL proceeds equally benefit the Travis Manion Foundation and the 100 Club of Arizona.

Lt Col. Kevin Kelly, an active duty F-16C+ Fighter Pilot and Planet Fitness owner, felt compelled to bring the 9/11 Heroes Run to the Valley of the Sun for this first of many annual events. Kevin served multiple combat tours in Iraq and is a very dear friend of 1st Lt. Travis Manion’s family.  “I’m simply overwhelmed by the patriotism, service, and sacrifice of our military, first responders, and their families”, he said.  “The Travis Manion Foundation and 100 Club represent the best of America.  Their commitment to our fallen heroes and their families is awe inspiring.  When the headlines fade, these two outstanding organizations stand like twin oaks in the lives of the departed. It’s truly humbling to be part of this team.” 

Planet Fitness Regional Manager and 9/11 Heroes Run Race Director Jessica Rice also expressed her sentiments. “When Kevin asked me to head the 9/11 Heroes Run -Tempe, I felt an equal amount of anxiety and appreciation. It has become a deep routed devotion for me as I learn about the gallant lives of those represented by this event. The recent tragedy in Yarnell and the magnitude of that loss to our firefighter community has made this year’s event even more poignant” Rice explains.

“We were very excited to be asked by Planet Fitness and The Travis Manion Foundation to be their charitable organization partner moving forward.  It is yet another avenue to help the families who have suffered such deep loss”, commented Ashley Slecthta, the Events and Program Manager of the 100 Club of Arizona.

“The world has learned Americans are stronger and more resilient than our enemies expected,” former San Diego Race Director and head of the Travis Manion Foundation’s San Diego office Amy Looney said.  “You can knock us down, but we’re going to get right up again stronger than ever - with a passion for doing the right thing. That’s why I’ve been a part of the 9/11 Heroes Run in San Diego from the beginning - running to honor not just Brendan and Travis but all the great Americans who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.” Amy’s husband Lt. (SEAL) Brendan Looney was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

A short video for the 9/11 Heroes Run can be viewed at the following link:

Thanks to the generous help of national sponsors such as the GM Foundation, JWT, Comcast, Raytheon, Streamlight, CBS Radio and outstanding local organizations like Planet Fitness, DeRosa Medical Group, Whole Foods, and Valley Hospital as well as individuals across America.  We would like to thank the Tempe Exchange Club for creating the a part of the Healing Field a little early this year.  The Travis Manion Foundation has been able to grow the 9/11 Heroes Run to communities from coast to coast, for the 12th anniversary of the attacks on America.

The 9/11 Heroes Run has always been about honoring the fallen - from members of the military to fire, police, and first responders who give their lives in service to our country.  But the annual 5K can also be part of the healing process, bringing together those who have lost a loved one and giving them a tangible way of remembering and honoring their service and sacrifice.

Created in 2007 after the combat death of 1st Lt. Travis Manion, USMC, in Fallujah, Iraq, the Travis Manion Foundation is committed to honoring the fallen by challenging the living.  Our goal is to ensure the love of country and spirit of service exemplified by this generation of Fallen Heroes lives on.  Learn more at


-(1) 1x6x72 Chore Board Front cut into 4, 17 1/2" pieces
-(1) 1x2x72 cut 2, 20" pieces. these are the vertical legs to hold the planks together.
-(1) 1x3x72 cut 1 piece to 12" then on a table saw, slice on an angle length wise to create French Cleat for hanging on the wall
-Paint or stain
-Sharpie paint pen to write CHORES at top and names
-(3) Clear Glass Westinghouse Jars
-(3) 4" hose clamps

-Cut all wood to desired sizes
-Sand the boards lightly
-Paint or stain boards to desired color or colors
-Stack 1x6 boards horizontally one on top of the other,
-Attach 1x2's vertically to the back of the 1x6 boards.Pre drill holes to prevent splitting or cracking then attach with screws
-Attach one half of the French cleat in between the 1x2's.
-Attach hose clamps to the bottom plank with one drywall screw on the middle.
-Slide Jars into clamps and tighten clamps.
-Attach Clothespins with hot glue or liquid nails to second board to hold the chore lists.
-With Sharpie Paint Pen, write CHORES on top board and names over jars.
-Attach the other half of the French Cleat into a stud on the wall.
-Hang on wall and Enjoy helping the kids learn how to be organized, do chores and earn money, tokens, candy or any reward you choose!!