New NFL security policy in effect

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The National Football League has created new security regulations that are supposed to make attending a game safer for fans, while at the same time making entry into the stadium much quicker.

Cameras and binoculars are allowed into the stadium. The other item that is allowed is your cell phone.  If you’re a woman, you can't bring in a purse. You can bring a clutch purse but nothing bigger.

Freezer bags are also allowed in. The freezer bags are so you can put personal items inside, like makeup for example.  If you can fit your personal item inside this bag you should be good.

Now to the items that are items prohibited from going inside.

Coolers of course are banned, so leave them at the tailgate party. Backpacks, even the small string backpacks, are prohibited. And of course, brief cases. Even small ones are banned. Also, don't bring any seat cushions or camera bags.

These are all brand new rules and they go in effect this Saturday when the Cardinals play the Dallas Cowboys at the University of Phoenix stadium.

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