HOTLINE: Thursday, Aug. 15

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Sklar Brothers at the Tempe Improv
University and Rural
Showtimes: Thurs. 8:00PM / Fri. 7:30PM & 10:00PM / Sat. 7:00PM & 10PM Tickets: $17 & $20

Pizza cooking class
Classic Cooking Academy
10411 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Massage Envy Spa
602-992-ENVY (3689)
On National Relaxation Day (Thursday, Aug. 15), Massage Envy Spa is offering members and guests $10 off a facial and hour-and-a-half massage session.
Study Tips for Kids:
From Study Solutions founders Cheri Holdcroft and Cindy Romanowski 

1.         Study Space
             Stocking up on the right supplies
             Finding the best spot to study - and making it your own
2.         Time Management
             Eliminating distractions and procrastination
             Completing a weekly calendar with your child with all activities - including study time
             Downloading free calendars from
3.         Start the School Routine NOW
             Putting kids to bed - and preparing a bedtime checklist
             Reading every day
             Organizing - and managing - backpacks

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