3OYS: "What's In Your Wallet, B****?" Man receives disturbing texts

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

TOLLESON, Ariz. -- A Tolleson man says he signed up for text messaging alerts from his credit card company. But he wasn't expecting these kind of alerts.

The credit card company is Capital One, and they've got a pretty good slogan: "What's in your wallet?"

You've probably heard of it. But look at the slogan one guy says capital One is sending him.

Ben Kiger is a family man who has a pretty good sense of humor. But the text messaging alerts he's says he's getting from his credit card company, Capital One, aren't funny.

"I don't want to say I didn't think much of it. I thought of it a lot, but what I thought is I had someone messing with me. I didn't know."

Ben signed up for Capital One text messaging alerts after he recently forgot to make a payment.

Ben thought signing up for the alerts would keep him from missing another payment.  However, when he received his first text message from Capital One his jaw dropped.

"It said, 'Capital One. What's in your wallet, b****?'  I kid you not!" 

He's right. In fact, here's that dirty little phrase on his phone that he gets every time he inquires about his Capital One balance or due date.
And the strange thing Ben says is that all of his Capital One account information they text is correct.

"It's absolutely accurate. It has the last 4 digits of my account," he says.

“So everything is legit?" 3TV's Gary Harper asked.

"That's what blows my mind," he responds.

3 On Your Side asked Capital One to look into the unusual situation, and they did. 

They discovered it wasn't a phishing scam or anything alarming.

But what they did find out is that the strange phrase was somehow built into Ben's phone.

One theory is that Ben's new phone is a refurbished phone from the manufacturer and that the previous phone owner customized a Capital One account to appear with that phrase.

So, unless Ben totally removes it from his contact list and re-enrolls with Capital One for those alerts, he'll keep getting the same phrase.

"Capital One. What's in your wallet b****."

Capital One worked on this for quite awhile before realizing the problem wasn't on their end. 

Hopefully Ben will take it out of his contact list, re-enroll, and the problem will be fixed.