Back-to-school necessities from The Home Depot

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Organize a locker with numerous magnetic items. Add a self-adhesive magnet to a mirror, a nuts and bolts tube container (for pencils, pens, paintbrushes and more) a battery-operated light, etc.

Place magnetic hooks and clips for more organization.

Get your lock for your locker and or bike.

You'll also find backpack clips, school ID lanyards, Sharpie markers in a rainbow of colors to personalize all of your school supplies, and much more.

Make an easy, inexpensive, dry-erase calendar board with a piece of 18x24 foam, core board or wood, a piece or 18x24 Plexiglass, paint chip cards (free at Home Depot), some Velcro or hot glue and glue sticks.

Simply cut the paint chips into 35 even squares. Place them in five rows of seven on board. Glue them evenly on to board.

Attach Plexiglass with Velcro or hot glue. Write in the month and days with dry-erase marker.

Hang up with heavy duty Velcro or Command strips. Change month and days every month and stay organized.

Debbie Hernandez is a frequent "Good Morning Arizona" guest, sharing all kinds of DIY projects for your home. You can find her at The Home Depot at 59th Avenue and Loop 101 in Glendale. Click here for more of Hernandez's segments.