Outrage over upside down, tattered flag

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- There's an American flag flying in the city of Surprise, west of Phoenix, that has some neighbors raising their eyebrows.

The flag is upside down and tattered.

"To have something flying like that, that's not right," said Randy Mobley.

Mobley doesn't approve of his neighbor's tattered flag and flies his own flag proudly.

"I'm military, my father's military, most of family is military. We take pride in our flag. We want to show everyone how we fly our flag," said Mobley.

There is even a spotlight underneath his flag to shine on it at night.

Around this neighborhood several flags are flapping in the wind.

Apparently, the owner of the upside down flag is exercising his First Amendment rights, making a statement.

Some people say an upside down flag is a sign the country is in distress.

But whatever the statement is, 3TV will never know.

The homeowner did not have much to say when asked about his flag. When 3TV asked the homeowner if he thought the flag was offensive to veterans he said "No" because he is a veteran.

"He's not a true veteran then and personally I think that's a disgrace. I don't think that's right at all," said Mobley.

Neighbors said the upside down flag went up after the presidential election.

Another neighbor, Dirk Roman, also disagrees with flying the flag upside down and tattered.

"If it was a brand new flag and he put it upside down by mistake, OK, I'll help you fix it. But it's all ripped up and it's upside down and he thinks it's OK, but it's not," said Roman.

"It makes your heart pound a little bit to see somebody flying a flag like that. Like I say it's disrespectful," said Mobley.