11-Year-old honored after saving sister's life

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A Valley girl is being celebrated for saving her sister’s life after she was found underwater in the bathtub.

Chloe’s little sister, Gracie, was taking a bath recently when she had a seizure and slipped under the water.

When her mother found her, Gracie wasn’t breathing.

Chloe’s mother yelled for help, which is when Chloe burst into the room and began performing CPR.

“I told my mom to get out of the way so I could do chest compressions,” said Chloe.

As Chloe performed CPR, her parents called 911.

“When my husband handed me the phone for the 911 operator, she was already breathing,” said Chloe’s mom.

Firefighters arrived at the home and took Gracie to the hospital to be evaluated.

Chloe’s parents are thankful and proud that their daughter knew how to handle the situation.

Chloe has some advice for anyone else who takes a CPR class.

“You should really pay attention.”