AAA tips for college

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PHOENIX -- As students move into their dorms and apartments away from home for the first time, AAA has issued a study guide for college bound teens.

First up, AAA suggests families take out a renter’s insurance policy. With laptops, tablets, smart phones and other personal belongings, college students can easily have $10,000 worth of property in their dorm or apartment.

Next, and this is very important; vehicle maintenance.  Often times someone else at home oversees vehicle maintenance.  But, parents need to make sure their young drivers know how to check things on their own like tire pressure. And to remember review their vehicle's maintenance schedule.

And families should prepare their loved ones for roadside emergencies. Students could have break downs on their way to school or on their way home, so make plans to have a provider like AAA for example.

Those are just some of the tips from AAA, for more information visit: