New high-tech wireless trap catches wild hogs

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HOUSTON -- There is a new high-tech hog trap that could help control the 2.6 million feral hogs around Texas that do a lot of damage.

Feral hogs cause more than $52 million in damage every year to agriculture.

Hunters attack them from the sky and the ground using night scopes and high powered rifles

Now there's a new twist on the old-fashioned trap.

Don Gresham, owner of Goin Fencing, designed the large pen with 24 panels and wireless technology.

“A sensor sends you a picture when an animal comes into the trap,” Gresham said.

There is also a mobile app available.

They’ve trapped 45 hogs in one night and they are close to capturing 10,000 hogs nationwide.

The pens cost range from $2,850 for a basic unit to $10,000 for the 'Cadillac version'. The animals are sold to processors for meat.

“Spend the money,” Gresham said. “Make the hogs pay for your hog trap.”

Only one hog has ever escaped, according to Gresham.

“We call him ‘hog-dini,’” Gresham said. “He got out twice.”

The company knew where to raise the fence in one spot because of the video and Gresham got his hog.

The pen is designed to collapse down to fit in the bed of a pickup truck and can be used as a fence to protect deer feeders for hunters.

Visit their website for more information.