How watermelon can brighten your skin

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By Sarah Blais By Sarah Blais

PHOENIX -- If you have extra watermelon around your home, you can save a few bucks on beauty supplies.
Lisa Kasanicky, the founder of, has some tips on everyday items in your kitchen that can give you healthier skin.
There are several facial masks that can be made with strained watermelon juice. When added to honey or yogurt, it takes the dead skin cells off and gives your skin a nice glow.
Even just pureeing and applying watermelon alone will help with breakouts.
"It has vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants so it's really good for the skin," Kasanicky said.
Scrubs are good for removing dead skin cells and leaving skin smooth. It's simple to make your own; just add white sugar and watermelon juice.
Similarly, toner also cleans up skin cells and helps tighten the skin. Vodka, which is a natural preservative, witch hazel and strained watermelon juice make an easy, sweet product.
If you have a lot of watermelon juice, you can add lemon and rosemary to a glass as a good tonic to ease bloating.
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