Man diagnosed with colitis after eating at Federico's

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. -- The bacteria E. coli could be the reason several people are sick across the West Valley after eating at Federico’s Mexico Food in Litchfield Park.

Brian Clayton, 25, is one of those who got sick after eating at the restaurant.

Clayton’s doctor confirmed on Friday that his colon was inflamed and swollen, and that Clayton had colitis.

“When I woke up I could barely stand because my stomach felt stretched,” said Clayton.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, Clayton described his pain as a 9.

The restaurant he ate at is now being investigated by Maricopa County Health officials for possibly serving food with the E. coli bacteria in it.

Clayton had three chicken tacos with hot sauce and a soda more than a week and a half ago.

Signs posted around the restaurant said it’s closed for repairs.

This, after health officials linked E. coli in the food to bloody stools from nearly a dozen patrons.

“I never felt that type of pain before, it was just horrible to where I couldn't stand up and it's just been unreal," Clayton told 3TV.

3TV has also learned a teenager is in a local hospital ill, possibly from the food at Federico’s Mexican Food.

The doctor prescribed Clayton several different types of medicine to help get him back to normal.

Health officials encourage anyone who has eaten at the restaurant on or after the July 23 and feels ill to see a physician.