Quagga mussels found in 2 canals for 1st time

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By Sarah Blais By Sarah Blais

PHOENIX (AP) -- Salt River Project officials say quagga mussels have been found in two of its canals for the first time.

A routine inspection of the canal system last month found evidence of the invasive mussels at Arizona Falls on the Arizona Canal and on a canal structure in the Crosscut Canal.

SRP crews on July 12 found a quagga settlement during an inspection of monitoring points along the Arizona Canal.

Company officials say both checkpoints contained a very small amount of adult mussels -- four at Arizona Falls and less than 20 in the Crosscut Canal.

Both facilities are located along canals on the north side of the Salt River.

SRP officials say inspection points on canals and laterals located south of the Salt River remain free of quaggas.