City council race gets ugly as signs get vandalized

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A high stakes city council race is getting ugly, as dozens of signs calling out a candidate in Phoenix have been defaced.

District Six is one of the hottest races on the city council this year, and it’s literally getting down and dirty on the streets.

Last month, Tony Butch and the firefighters’ union put up signs accusing councilman Sal DiCiccio of being in the pocket of big business.

But only weeks away from the Phoenix City Council election, vandals began targeting the signs.

Butch and the firefighters’ union have filed a police report, but the person or people behind the vandalized signs remains a mystery.

Butch, however, suspects that it’s someone close to DiCiccio.

“I think the councilman himself wouldn’t be out there, but you never know who he talks to,” said Butch.

The firefighters and DiCiccio have been battling for years, and their union is backing DiCiccio’s opponent, Karlene Keough Parks.

While DiCiccio doesn’t like the signs, he says whoever’s responsible for the vandalism should be held accountable.

“You can’t do that, matter of fact, you should not do that,” said DiCiccio. “You may not like what those signs say, but they have a right to be up there.”

Anyone who's caught stealing or defacing a campaign sign would be facing a misdemeanor charge.