Peoria Fire Dept. provides bee safety tips

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Bees are a common site across the Valley year round, but the summer months tend to lead to more conflicts between the buzzing insects and Phoenix residents.

The Peoria Fire Department has recently responded to several calls involving bee swarms, so they're providing a few helpful tips to keep people safe this summer.

The majority of bee sting calls involve Africanized honey bees. They have less venom than regular honey bees, but they respond faster and in greater numbers, which in turn makes them more dangerous.

The Peoria Fire Department says Africanized bees will protect their nests from any perceived threats, which includes anyone who is within 50 feet of a nest, or anyone who is using power equipment within 100 feet of a nest.

Africanized bees are known to chase people for up to a quarter of a mile, so Peoria Fire recommends that you keep running once you start and always try to protect your face.

The Peoria Fire Department also advises against diving in a pool, as Africanized bees have been known to hover above water and maintain attacks for up to 10 hours.

Hitting or killing Africanized bees is also not advised, as it will set off a defense pheromone that will bring more bees.

The Peoria Fire Department says anyone who comes across a nest should call a pest control company.

If you see someone being attacked by bees, call 9-1-1.