Security breach halts Love Field operations

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DALLAS — A security breach at Dallas Love Field airport Tuesday night kept planes on the tarmac and away from the gates for about an hour.

In a written statement, the Transportation Security Administration explained that someone had "improperly accessed the secure area" of the airport using a construction door. That prompted an immediate search for the individual by TSA officials and Dallas police.

Parts of the airport terminal were evacuated during the operation, and arriving flights were parked on the tarmac away from the gates. That led to some frustrated passengers.

"They didn't say anything," said Michael Ambrose, who was stuck aboard one of those jets as it waited in limbo. "The pilot gave us the info he said he got, and that was just for security breach reasons said they could not deplane. We still don't know... it's a little scary."

"I wish they'd just told us what was happening," said Shaney Pompura, another passenger. "They probably didn't know at that point. It was still just the whole point about not knowing."

Pilots were given an all-clear at around 10:15 p.m., when Southwest Airlines said its normal operations resumed.

Many passengers had to be re-screened by security as a result of the incident, which resulted in delays for some incoming and outbound flights.

The TSA did not say whether the individual being sought was located.

The agency said it is reviewing the circumstances surrounding what happened.