Top scams targeting seniors

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Unfortunately, senior citizens are among the most targeted when it comes to getting scammed.

Site jabber is a consumer protection service that just released a list of top online scams targeting seniors. First up:

Work-at-home scams. Examples include data entry or envelope stuffing, which are often a waste of time that doesn't come close to delivering on promised cash or rewards and in some cases, the scams rob seniors of personal information and their retirement.

Senior dating scams is the next one. According to the U.S. Census there are more than 11 million single seniors. While there are many legitimate dating sites, there have been cases where people sign up only to take financial advantage of lonely seniors.

Lottery scams is the third most popular scam that targets seniors. Instant riches and prizes are tempting for anyone, but seniors on a fixed income frequently fall for it.

Bogus online pharmacies make the list. They often pose as Canadian pharmacies, but don't fall for it.

And, finally, Facebook scams top the list. Remarkably, 30 percent of senior citizens use Facebook, but the popular social media site is not immune from scammers.