Customer has 'whopper' of a problem with Burger King

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- While driving into a Burger King off of 83rd Avenue and McDowell Road just a few weeks ago, all Juan Meyer was thinking about was taking his family inside for something to eat.

"We didn't notice anything at all," Meyer told 3 On Your Side. "You know, being with the family. I didn't even pay attention."

What he wasn't paying attention to was a metal stake sticking up from the parking block where he parked his family van. 

Meyer didn't even see the metal stake, until the family tried to leave the Burger King and he had difficulty getting his van out of the parking spot.

"I thought the transmission was off or something because my van wasn't moving, so I gave it a little more gas," he said.

Apparently, the metal stake had hooked under Myer's front bumper and as he backed out, it ripped the bumper completely off his Honda Odyssey.

Meyer said he immediately told Burger King's manager, and both of them took photographs of the damage and the metal stake that caused the problem.

According to Meyer, Burger King was supposed get back with him with what the company intended on doing about the damage. But two weeks later, he said he can't get a hold of anyone.

In the meantime, Meyer has been forced to drive around with his front bumper attached with shoe strings.

He said, "The shoe lace has broken off before on the freeway and I had to tie it back on again."

3 On Your Side found out the Burger King is operated by a local company that owns nearly two dozen Burger Kings in Arizona.

"Our intent is always to respond to our customers," said Tonya Scott with the company that owns the Burger King.

However, Scott does told 3 On Your Side that Meyer's case simply fell through the cracks.

Once it was brought to the company's attention, though, they immediately handed the issue over to an insurance company which wrote a check to Juan for $1,400 -- the cost to replace the bumper.

Meyer said he couldn't be happier and appreciates 3 On Your Side's involvement. 

The Burger King franchise spokesperson said the company is also pleased the matter has been resolved. 

"We're glad we were able to get this to the insurance company to review the matter promptly and we're happy to have it resolved, Scott told 3 On Your Side.

By the way, there wasn't just one parking block with metal stakes protruding upward, but a couple. 

3 On Your Side visited the restaurant again recently, and discovered the stakes had been driven back into the ground and are no longer a problem.