Free school immunizations for eligible children

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PHOENIX -- School districts require your children to be up to date on certain immunizations.  But if you're uninsured or have a hard time paying for these shots you can get them free.

That's because the Phoenix Fire Department has something they refer to as the 'Baby Shots Program.'

It's a federally funded program that provides vaccines to children free of charge.

The program was started back in 1994 and it allows the Centers for Disease Control to buy vaccines at a discount from manufacturers and then distributes them to states.

Eligible children can't be older than 18 to qualify for the free shots.

This is a yearly program and is always held before school starts, but try not to wait too long before you go.

For a list of the nearest location where you can take your children for these free shots visit:

And remember to bring your child's immunization record book with you.