Arizona woman finds chicken foot in package of chicken breasts

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- An Arizona woman recently noticed that her local Safeway store was selling extra chicken parts with their chicken breasts.

A woman who goes by the Twitter handle “Liiindseyyy412” tweeted out a picture of a package of chicken breasts that also had a chicken foot inside.

Lindsey added the comment, “Hey Safeway, does this look like ‘chicken breast’ to you? I’m vomiting.”

Lindsey sent out a second tweet stating that she returned to the store and noticed that the packet of chicken breasts containing the foot was still for sale.

Lindsey said it wasn’t removed until she informed a manager.

Safeway has since stated that the foot did not pose a health risk, but they are working to find out how it landed on their shelves.

Here’s Safeway’s full statement:

"We appreciate that our customer notified us about an object in a package of chicken breasts. We have confirmed with the supplier that the object was a chicken foot, which is a product that the supplier processes and sells to other retailers. While the part does not pose a health risk, we are investigating how it became packaged in with our product. The package was removed from sale."