How to eliminate unwanted mail and spam

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PHOENIX -- Most of us know what it's like to get unsolicited phone calls, spam and text messages.

They can be a real pain. Besides the annoyance, unsolicited communication can potentially lead to identity theft.

Felicia Thompson of the Arizona Better Business Bureau says individuals and businesses have been targeted.

"We definitely get calls from consumers and businesses alike who will receive the pre-approved credit card offers, they might receive the unwanted direct mail solicitations," said Thompson.

The BBB has suggestions on how to eliminate the junk you get.

For example:

Do not reply to spam text messaging. Responding to a spam text confirms a working number and exposes your to even more messages.

Consumers should also sign up for the Do Not Call Registry.  It’s a free and an easy way to reduce telemarketing calls.

And to stop all that junk mail, consumers can go through the Direct Marketing Association and ask to be removed from their list.

But keep in mind it may take up to six months before the solicitations from DMA members stop mailing you stuff. It costs $1.00 sign up.

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