Arias deal could have her avoiding death penalty

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Convicted killer Jodi Arias is apparently working to reach a deal that will keep her off Arizona’s death row.

Arias is currently awaiting a new penalty phase where a new jury will decide her fate.

This week, however, a tweet from the Jodi Arias twitter account suggested that she’s trying to save the taxpayers money by not going to another trial.

The tweet read, “The state rejected my third request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers.”

On Wednesday, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said a deal that would land Arias in prison for life is a possibility.

“Under Arizona law, the state and defendant can agree to virtually anything for resolution of a case, so that would be possible,” said Montgomery.

Valley attorney Brent Kleinman says a new sentencing phase would take months, and could cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

“Making this deal now, saving the aggravation and taxpayer money, would be a smart move,” said Kleinman.

Kleinman said he believes the prosecution has a strong case when it comes to the death penalty, but said he thinks it will be tough to retry the case.

Kleinman adds that if a new jury were to sentence Arias to death, that could be overturned on appeal, leaving Arias with life in prison.

Arias is due back in court August 26.