GMAZ playlist: Wednesday, May 24

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

440a    Be True To Your School, The Beach Boys
449a    Can't Hold Us, Macklemore
453a    On The Road Again, Willie Nelson
456a    Lights, Ellie Goulding
510a    Daylight, Maroon 5
513a    Mirrors, Justin Timberlake
524a    So Good, B.O.B
526a    I'll Follow You, Shinedown
542a    Feel Again, Onerepublic
554a    I Get Around, The Beach Boys
611a    It's Ok, Cee Lo Greeen
614a    So Good, B.O.B
629a    A Place In This World, Taylor Swift
636a    Baby Love, Supremes
639a    Don’t Matter, Akon
640a    Hoola Hoops, Slott Hunter
653a    Gonna Fly Now, Bill Conti
658a    The Humpty Dance, Digital Underground
708a    Little Talks, Of Monsters And Men
729a    Stereo Hearts, Gym Class Heroes
751a    Deck The Halls, Geoff Levin
757a    Mr. Spaceman, Byrds
800a    Yeti Stomp, Backyardigans
831a    This City, Patrick Stump
842a    Kokomo, The Beach Boys
849a    Keep Your Head Up, Andy Grammer
856a    Shine, Collective Soul
858a    Walking On The Sun, Smash Mouth
917a    Baby Love, Supremes
928a    It's Raining Men, The Weather Girls
945a    El Juapango, Cinco De Mayo
948a    Let's Get Ready To Rumble, Michael Buffer
952a    Millionaire's Club, Alec Williams

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