Patient upset about $20K surgery done by arrested doctor

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A patient of a Scottsdale plastic surgeon arrested on drug related charges is angry at the doctor and feeling betrayed by the state body that oversees physicians. 

According to police, Dr. Paul K. Holden broke into the pharmacy in the same building as his medical office near 96th Street and Via Linda.  He is accused of stealing a cocaine-like drug.

Just weeks before Dr. Holden’s arrest, Nancy Wilson had $20,000 worth of plastic surgery performed by Holden.  She started to realize something was fishy while trying to schedule follow-up appointments, eventually receiving a phone call saying Dr. Holden was no longer practicing medicine.

Soon after the phone call, Wilson learned about Holden's most recent arrest.  After that she started thoroughly researching Holden and learned of his other legal troubles as well.

In May of 2012, police were in a brief standoff with Holden.  According to Scottsdale police, Holden locked himself inside his office when cops showed up to arrest him for a domestic violence related issue.  There was a gun involved and Holden was eventually charged with endangerment.

“I would never have let him operate on me if I had known that. Very scary,” said Wilson.

In response to that incident Dr. Holden voluntarily suspended his medical practice for two months.  However, the suspension does not show up on Holden’s current Arizona medical license record which is available for public review.

“I'm really disappointed the Arizona Medical Board does not make this information more available and obvious to a consumer who is doing the checking,” Wilson said, noting that she researched Dr. Holden extensively after a friend gave him a glowing recommendation.

The executive director of the Arizona Medical Board told 3TV the black mark on Holden's record was in his public file, but only during the two months his practice was suspended in 2012.

“In that instance we had reason to believe that he was not safe to practice medicine so he voluntarily stopped practicing medicine until such a time as it was determined, by professionals,  that he was able to [practice again],” said Lisa Wynn, executive director for the Arizona Medical Board.

Now, drug-related problems have once again prompted a suspension of Holden’s practice.

“I think based on the allegations we're looking at and the concerns and the history we do believe that it's not only a concern for the public, but also for the physician,” said Wynn, noting that the drug component of Holden’s most recent arrest brings concerns of substance abuse.

Nancy is also concerned because she knows she’s probably going to have to eat the cost of expensive touch-ups she had already paid Dr. Holden to perform in the future.

“It's very disconcerting to me. I'm a working person - so is my husband - and it's a lot of money.”

Holden could not be reached for comment in this story.  He currently faces a third degree burglary charge connected to the pharmacy break in and an investigation by the Arizona Medical Board.