Police: Scottsdale plastic surgeon staged pharmacy heist

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A Scottsdale plastic surgeon will have to cut through some legal troubles after being arrested for stealing drugs from a pharmacy.

According to police, Dr. Paul K. Holden broke into the pharmacy in the same building as his medical office near 96th Street and Via Linda.  He is accused of stealing a cocaine-like drug.

A cleaning lady for the Arizona Medical Pavilion told police she saw Holden peeking out from around some shelves in the pharmacy after hours.  She initially screamed and started to run away.

However, according to police, Holden caught up to the woman and tried to convince her that he wasn't breaking any rules.  According to police, he told the woman that doctors are allowed to be in the pharmacy at any time.

Apparently the woman didn’t buy Holden’s story because the next day she reported the incident to the pharmacy. 

The pharmacy then discovered the missing drugs during a routine inventory that night.

Surveillance video also shows Holden coming in and out of the pharmacy.

Holden was easily identified and arrested for third-degree burglary the next day.

The incident isn’t Holden’s first brush with the law. In May of 2012, police were in a brief standoff with Holden after he locked himself inside his office when cops showed up to arrest him for a domestic violence related charge. 

There was a gun involved in that incident and Holden was eventually arrested for endangerment, according to Scottsdale Police.

Dr. Holden’s medical license was last renewed right before that 2012 arrest and it’s up for renewal again in 2014.