Bereavement fares a thing of the past

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PHOENIX -- U.S. Airways is Phoenix's hometown airline, and one that Charles Leib has flown for years.

But Charles is a little upset with airline.

"I have hundreds of thousands of miles on this airline. I have a U.S. Airways MasterCard. I give those people a lot of my business and to be treated like this is unbelievable," said Charles.

Leib's problem started when his uncle died unexpectedly on the East Coast. Charles says he wanted to attend the funeral, so he picked up the phone and called U.S. Airways, which according to Charles, confirmed they had a bereavement policy. So, he says he hung up and looked on U.S. Airways' website for flight times.
"Chose one that worked for us and I booked it and that was the end of it," said Charles.

When Charles returned from his uncle's funeral, he said all he had to do was submit proof of his uncle's death, like an obituary, and a portion of his $800 fare would be reduced and credited back to him.

However, Charles says when he tried to submit his documentation, he hit a snag with U.S. Airways.

"So, I called them just to get an update and to my shock and amazement the customer service representative said, 'We don't have a bereavement policy," stated Charles.

No bereavement policy? Charles says that's not what he was told when he first called.

Still, he says U.S. Airways wouldn't budge, so he contacted 3 On Your Side and I asked the airline to look into the matter.

The airline confirmed they no longer have bereavement fares and apologized for any misinformation.

Regardless, as a one-time courtesy, U.S Airways agreed to credit $200 back to Charles' credit card.

Charles says he owes it all to 3 On Your Side.

U.S. Airways was great to work with and just as a reminder they do not have bereavement fares.

They're not the only ones, bereavement fares are becoming a thing of the past.

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