Don't ignore juror summons

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PHOENIX -- Maricopa County Superior court has a new get-tough policy that could cost you a whole lot of money if you willfully miss jury duty.

Right now the county says about 44 percent of those who receive a jury summons actually show up. In an effort to boost that rate, the court has released this video which explains the consequences of missing jury duty.

A portion of the video goes as follows: "People who receive a jury summons and fail to appear are sent a second summons.  If the second summons is ignored, a civil case is opened; the person is held in contempt of court and is ordered to appear for juror court."

Last March, 12 people were found to have willfully disobeyed court orders to serve and were fined up to $500 each. They were also ordered to attend jury service on a future date.

Jury court where people have to explain to a judge why they blew off jury duty is held four times a year.