East Valley enjoys second day of monsoon storms

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

TEMPE, Ariz. -- It was the full soaking downpour we'd been waiting for, where just about every corner of the East Valley got a taste of rain.

In Mesa, they had to wait for a bit, but finally the storm sank south. We spotted one group learning just how many people can crowd into a bus stop when shelter is in high demand.

While they were caught without an umbrella, Valley newcomer Tim McGraw was caught by surprise.

"I actually just moved here a year ago....is this like monsoon weather?" he asked.

We filled him in, and it didn't take him long for him to learn to enjoy it.

"It didn't rain for the past three or four months, so here it comes!" he said. 

And it really poured. It was less-than-perfect timing for Leonard Melcher, who was meeting someone in Tempe, in an open parking lot, to buy a car.

"I got clouds. That's just how it works! That's Arizona for you!" he said.

But he's really not complaining. Few are. Even Mother Nature seemed to wink as she slinked out of town with a rainbow, knowing that in summer, this is as good as it gets.

"It's very nice, very nice to see...hopefully we'll see some more." said Melcher. "Under 100 all day today? I mean, what more can you ask!?"