Prescott valley woman arrested; accused of stealing mail

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PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. -- A Prescott Valley woman has been arrested on suspicion of stealing peoples' mail.

Elizabeth Gill was arrested and booked Monday on five counts of burglary, theft, identity theft and probation violation.

According to authorities, when probation officers searched Gill's home near by Castle Drive and Sunset Lane, they found several mail items that didn't belong to her.

Most were letters from the Motor Vehicles Department, credit card companies and utility companies, which contained personal information. There was even a check for $300, made out to a person in Mayer, Ariz.

Two more checks were found in her vehicle

Police say Gill delivered newspapers in Mayer and her route covers where most of the mail was from. Gill said they must have been left by prior occupants of the home; however, deputies found two more checks in her car, which she used to deliver papers.

Gill is already on probation for a prior check fraud.

Police say a deputy was able to return mail to two victims in Mayer.