Peoria uses Pinterest to find wanted criminals

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- The Peoria Police Department is launching a new program that puts criminals' wanted posters on a broader range of the internet.
The new wanted posters in stores will have a QR code that citizens can take a picture of on their smartphone to bring them to the police department's Pinterest page. From there, they can see the warrant list, a photo of the person, and a description. There are also several other categories such as DUI, assault, domestic violence and shoplifting.
The list is updated on a regular basis as new people are added and removed after being located.
If someone has information on one of the wanted people, they just have to click on the person's picture to go to the police department's tip page.
A news release from the Peoria Police Department reads: "By utilizing wanted posters in local stores and a popular social media site, the department is able to cast a wider net in hopes of bringing these criminals to justice."