Cell phone video captures Valley man beaten at party, nearly killed

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Gregory Lubline, 21, was savagely beaten by a mob of men at a party in Peoria last month.

The beating was caught on cell phone video and has now gone viral.

Lubline was lured to what he thought was his 21st surprise birthday party, but instead he was almost killed.

His older sister, Stephanie Montebianco, is asking for help finding the men who sliced her little brother's head open with brass knuckles.

Montebianco is having trouble sleeping at night after watching and hearing her brother scream for help in the video but no one comes to his aid.

"I close my eyes at night and I can't hear anything but that. It's all I hear," said the big sister.

Lubline thought he was going to die after seeing all the blood gushing from his head.  He had a concussion.

"I was just taking so many blows that I couldn't think about anything else other than the fact that I was about to lose my life," said Lubline.

The victim said his abusers suspect he's an undercover cop, snitching on underage drinking parties, something Lubline says isn't true.

Deputies with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) are looking for three men connected to the beating, but haven't released any names.

MCSO spokesperson Lisa Allen said someone reportedly pulled a gun out during the fight.

"We're onto it and we're confident that we'll be able to get an arrest but they don't happen overnight," said Allen.

Lubline said he was taken to an air vent and left there with his head bleeding to avoid being seen by cops who showed up to the party.

"I thank God everyday that my brother's alive," said Montebianco.

3TV went to the house in Peoria where the beating happened and the woman who answered the door said she knew nothing about a party or Lubline's assault.

Call MCSO at (602) 876-1602 and ask to speak with Deputy Owen if you have any information regarding the fight.