Burned Mesa home danger to community

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- Gloria Lopez says her Mesa neighborhood is one of a kind.

"This neighborhood was built in 1986 out of 18 neighbors here, eight are still original owners," said Lopez. "We're very proud of where we live.  We're very close and we just want to keep our neighborhood looking clean."

But there's something in her neighborhood that she and other neighbors aren't too proud to see.

A house that was once beautiful, until a year ago when it somehow caught on fire.

The house was never rebuilt or fixed, and as a result, neighbors say they've been forced to stare at
the burned down structure for a year.

Not only do neighbors say it's an eye sore, they also say it's a health and safety hazard.

The home's pool is only covered up with flimsy, thin boards, and metal shards and debris are everywhere.

There's also piping that small kids could fall on.

Lopez says neighbors have contacted the City of Mesa to see if anything can be done, or at the very least, find out when the home's owner intends to make repairs.

"It burnt down and we don't know what's going to happen, we'd like to know, at least be kept informed," says Lopez.

The City of Mesa tells 3 On Your Side that they have been aware of the lot for a while and keep mailing out violation letters.

But, because the lot and home have sold several different times, the city has to start the process all over again with the new owner.

However, the city recently reached the new owner who purchased the burned out home. Since then, progress seems to be on its way with a new home being built.

Neighbors say they couldn't be happier, and are glad 3 On Your Side got things moving.

Progress is a little slow, but we'll stay on top of this one and let you know what happens in a follow up report.