Man reunited with high school ring 13 years later

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- After losing his high school ring 13 years ago, Aaron Grant finally got it back. Ronnie Tohannie found it and held on to it for all of these years.

"I just kept it, put it in storage and didn't know what to do with it," Tohannie said. "There was no social media. Until recently I said I have to find him."

Tohannie started her detective work on Facebook. She used the clues on the ring to help her find Grant. The ring said Class of 1995, Highland High in Gilbert and his name, Aaron J. Grant. When she found him, she knew it was the right man.

"I had him explain the ring and what it looked like and I asked him his middle initial," Tohannie said.

Grant doesn't remember losing it. Tohannie doesn't remember where she found it, but Grant is happy.

"My mom was worried about it when I lost it," Grant said. "In 2000, I was 23 and didn't care. Now I'm 36 and it's kind of cool to have it back."

And while the ring may not fit him anymore, Grant is determined to not lose it again. And not to mention, he's impressed by the condition of the ring.

"It's incredible! She must have found it right after I lost it. There's not a mark on it," Grant said.

"I'm glad I found him and he got his memories back from high school," Tohannie said.