Silver Apple 2012 2013 Martin Kelley

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By Brad Denny By Brad Denny

PHOENIX -- In 20 years of Silver Apple Awards, today's is a first in a couple of ways. The first Physical Education teacher and the first teacher to be awarded after only one year of teaching.

"I incorporate not just playing," said Kelley " I incorporate nutrition, I incorporate anatomy (and) biology."

Teaching is what Marty Kelley always wanted to do. It just took him a decade at dead-end jobs in a cubical to get around to it. He finally landed this P.E. job at Paradise Valley High School where his jaw literally dropped when we walked in on his class and gave him not only the Silver Apple Award, but a check for $500 from our sponsor ACE Home Services.

"I would say my passion is teaching health and wellness." said Kelley.

Mr. Kelley  wants his students to understand why good nutrition and exercise are important. But as a personal trainer for ten years, he understands that appealing to the vanity of these 40 freshman boys just plain works.

"I don't just teach it, I play the part," exclaimed Kelley. " They talk to me about it all the time; about working out and eating right."

14-year-old freshman Taylor Stern nominated Mr. Kelley for the Silver Apple Award. Stern appreciated all the great healthy ideas he received from being in Kelley's class.

"I don't want to end up like those people who end up having trouble getting up or get sweaty whenever they walk, like, ten feet." said Stern.

Mr. Kelley's classes burn off teen energy and add confidence in other aspects of their lives.

Said Kelley, "I make it fun for them, that's the thing. They're learning. They're not just coming in here and playing."