Safest seats on a commercial flight

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PHOENIX -- We've all seen the horrifying images from the recent plane crash in San Francisco. Unfortunately, two lives were lost. But more than 300 people survived.

In another recent crash, 10 people were killed when an air taxi went down in Alaska.

Planes today are structurally more sound than in the past. Carpeting and seat cushions are now made of materials that burn more slowly.

Statistically, the odds of a crash are small. There's only a one in 1.2 million chance of a plane going down. But if it does, experts say there are things you can do to help improve your chances of surviving.

First, consider traveling coach. The Discovery Channel staged a mock plane crash, and the test revealed rows one through seven turned out to be the so-called "fatal" seats.

Experts advise sitting in an exit row. It may ensure a quicker exit off the plane, as long as the exit doesn't get blocked due to fire, smoke or water.

Aisle seating is another choice if you're claustrophobic. Like the exit row, you could make a quicker exit. Aisle seating is also a good idea for those who stay calm under pressure.

The clothes you wear can matter in a plane crash. If possible, wear natural fibers, because synthetics can burn much more quickly.

Also, make sure you know where your exits are, and remember to always pay attention to the flight attendants' safety demonstrations.

The chances of your plane going down are extremely slim, but experts say what you wear and where you sit can make a difference. Visit the Discovery Channel online for more information.