A swimming pool workout to beat the summer heat

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Choices for effective exercise during the summer are often limited. Tiffany Bachus from Total Body Fitness has weight resistant exercises for the swimming pool to tighten the core and create a full body circuit workout.

- Poolside Pop-Ups 
Face edge of pool, create upper body lift, hold, release & drop down

-Leg Lifts       
Face pool. Place forearms/elbows on pool edge, lift straightened legs parallel to ground with back pressed against pool wall

-Two Leg Circle Formation
Place forearms/elbows on pool edge. Keep legs bound together. Lift in large circle formation and then in reverse.

-Leg Kick
Face pool edge. Hold core, lift legs and kick

-Aerobic Jump
Stand up stright. Lift arms parallel to water and extend legs out. Repeat.

-Ski Jumps
Move in a cross ski motion.


-Tuck Jumps
Jump and bring knees in to belly. Repeat.