How to manage Gmail contacts

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I have a number of contacts in Gmail that I would like to delete, but I can't find a means to do that. Can you help me out once again, Mr. M? Thanks so much.

A. When you log into Gmail, click the little down arrow to the right of the word Gmail that appears in red, in the upper left-hand corner. Select Contacts > Next, then click to place a check mark beside any contact you want to delete.

Click the little down arrow to the right of “More” as it appears above your contacts. You will see Delete as an option in the More drop-down menu.

Q. You referenced Microsoft Security Essentials recently. I would like to download it to my system, but I already use Norton, provided free from Comcast. Will this be a problem?

A. Not for me and not for Comcast, but it could be a problem for your computer. I would not use both. If you're happy with Norton, stick with it. If at some point it no longer brings joy to your life, that would be a good time to make the change.

If you try to use both, there is a good chance Norton and MSE will detect the various bits of embedded virus code in each other and think the other program is a virus. That can lead to false positive and false negative reports, which is not good. Very few anti-virus programs work well with other anti-virus programs so it's best to let one protection rule the roost.

Anti-spyware programs are more socially adept and aren't as fussy, so you can have multiple anti-spyware programs installed on the same system without any problem.

Q. There are two user account names listed when I turn on my XP computer. How do I delete one of them?

A. To delete a user account in XP requires a whole lotta clicking, so begin the clickfest at the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Once you're in Computer Management (Local), click System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. Right-click the user account you want to delete, and click Delete.

Caution: A deleted user account cannot be recovered, so be absolutely, positively, pinky-swear sure of what you are deleting. There is no turning back once it is deleted. It can't be undone. No way, un-uh, talk to the hand. The default Administrator account cannot be deleted.

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