22 Things You Don't Know About Fields

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  1. Worked in the oil field of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska during college summers
  2. Studied engineering first three years of college 
  3. Went to high school in Alaska
  4. Attended 4th through 7th grade in Saudi Arabia
  5. Likes to cook
  6. Would be a landscaper if not a journalist
  7. Loved heavy-metal in high school (but has since evolved)
  8. Loves Star-Trek movies
  9. Can dance a mean 2-step
  10. First job was delivering papers
  11. Second was working at McDonald’s
  12. Read Steven King’s “The Stand” twice
  13. Avid mountain biker
  14. Eagle Scout
  15. Part of state champion swim team in high school
  16. Has lived in 8 states
  17. Visited 15 countries (maybe more)
  18. Can fix almost anything around the house (and often does)
  19. Known for being frugal (but not cheap)
  20. First real date with wife was sitting on the hood of my car, looking at the stars and eating French fries
  21. Backpacked parts of Europe after high school and failed to call my parents for two weeks
  22. All my cars are at least 10 years old